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Advolve makes a media splash in Winnipeg’s startup scene

October 9th, 2014 Posted by Uncategorized No Comment yet

Advolve Media has been selected among 10 regional businesses across Canada in the TELUS and Globe and Mail Small Business Challenge.

This is another feather in Advolve Media’s cap after just yesterday being selected as Top 5 Canadian startup that will be competing at the ‘Olympics for Startups’ in Kansas City, and a week after competing at NACO’s National Angel Summit and narrowly missing the top 5.

“All the recognition and media is really exciting and is definitely valuable towards the growth of our business,” said Bryce North, Advolve’s CEO. “It’s a high level of validation that should open doors to more investors, and hopefully encourage them to open their wallets as well.”

North, who is currently heavily focused on expanding Advolve’s business across Canada, gives some of the credit for his startup stardom to his community supporters.

“It’s organizations like Innovate Manitoba and Futurpreneur that make these opportunities happen,” said North. “We would have been too focused on our business to be searching for opportunities like this, and these organizations not only let us know about the opportunities, they quite literally nudge us into applying and meeting deadlines.”

In this case, the nudging was done by Joelle Foster, regional director of Futurpreneur Canada, a not-for-profit organization focused on helping young entrepreneurs.

“I see the entrepreneurs that come through our programs as part of a family, and I’m very maternal in that sense,” said Foster.  “Bryce needed a few motherly reminders on this one, and as you know, mom is always right.”

A key theme from the last few weeks is the continued rise of Winnipeg’s startup scene, with Advolve Media, Permission Click and Exigence Technologies all being recognized at the national level in various ways.

“One or two years ago, if you asked someone outside of Manitoba whether Winnipeg had a startup community, you likely have been met with blank stares,” said Jan Lederman, president of Innovate Manitoba. “Winnipeg has really made a splash this year and this could just be the beginning.”

Success stories are often a key element to engaging those would-be entrepreneurs and potential startups who are sitting on the fence, are adverse to risk, or are just too busy.

“We proudly share these stories with the community,” said Lederman “I think we are already seeing the affects, with increasing numbers of young people eagerly pursuing entrepreneurship and getting involved.”

REMINDER: Innovate Manitoba’s next opportunity for entrepreneurs is Pitch’Day.  Anyone with a new business idea can enter to compete. Advolve won Best Technology Pitch at Pitch’Day 2012, and several other successful startups have included Pitch’Day as an important step in their journey.

-> Check out an article on this competition and all those recognized in The Globe and Mail.